OpenQuest 3rd Edition


Our Easy to play, streamlined D100 Fantasy system, is now in its 3rd edition. A complete 266-page rulebook, with everything you need to play: Rules, example setting and an introductory adventure.

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Note the print version is currently being updated to the 2nd printing, which will be available in a couple of weeks. Please check back.

About OpenQuest

OpenQuest is an easy to play and straightforward fantasy roleplaying game that uses the tried and tested D100 dice mechanic.

OpenQuest lets you play fantastic death defying adventurers, in search of fame and fortune.

Every step of the way you’ll be supported by these easy to understand rules based upon over forty years of the tried and tested D100 mechanic.

Easy to Learn. The rules have been pared back to the bare minimum and most rules only need a single roll to determine success or failure.

Organised. Fourteen logical easy to follow chapters, with advice for both Players and Referees throughout.

Complete. This book contains all you need play (except dice). Rules, loot, creatures, an example fantasy setting and an adventure are all provided.

Examples. As well as the adventures of Elthelred the Reckless there are numerous examples of play.

Time-Tested. This version of the rules is based upon the author’s in-game experiences of over thirty years.

Flexible. Easily adaptable to the Fantasy world of your choice.

Open. The rules in this book are Open Gaming Content so other publishers can easily use them for their own releases.

Fun. All this builds up to a game that is designed to be entertaining first.

US Letter size (8″ x 11.25″0), 268 pages, black and white art throughout.

If you have a previous edition and are unsure if it is worth upgrading, here’s a page that explains the changes.

Please note this is the 2nd Printing of the game, made in March 2023, with a small number of corrections and clarifications. If you are interested in what has been updated, read the following document.

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