OpenQuest Dungeons


A guide to running Dungeon adventures, with resources and three dungeon-based adventures. 92 pages long.

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Welcome to the world of the Dungeon, done D100 style.

Ease yourself and your players into the opportunities that OpenQuest provides.

Inside this book, you will find the following.

  • OpenQuest for Dungeoneers explains the differences between D20 and D100 games.
  • Twelve Stock non-player characters for use as retainers and opposition.
  • Twenty-six traps to make the characters’ lives tricky.
  • Four new Underworld Deities for the dungeon.
  • Three Dungeon adventures of increasing length and complexity. The Well, Deep in the Hole and The Sorcerer Under the Mountain.

Hardcover book, 92 pages, colour cover, black and white art throughout.

Cover by Jon Hodgson, Internal art by Jeshields, Cartography by Dyson Lygos and Glynn Seal.

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