me-newt-iconD101 Games is a micro-press role-playing games company, working out of Manchester in the UK.

We are a ‘Trindie’ games publisher, which means our games draw from both the Traditional and Indie pools for inspiration. Take OpenQuest for example. It is a love letter to old school D100 games, but its streamlined with ideas from the modern storytelling games movement. Monkey which fits the mould of a modern day Indie storytelling game is structured in a way that people coming from older games will find comfortable.   This isn’t vacuous marketing speak but borne out of hard experience. D101 grew out of fan publishing for Glorantha, with which I made the transition from the very traditional RuneQuest to the very Indie HeroQuest.

Mainly it’s a one-man band of me, Newt Newport, but the following people help me on a regular basis;

  • Peter Frain (Art)
  • Guy Milner (Convention Support)
  • Paul  Mitchener (Editorial, Proofing, Writing)
  • John Ossoway (Art and Writing)
  • Peter Town (Art)
  • Daniel Barker (Art)
  • Peter Town (Art)

I have a development blog where I talk at length about games and the company.

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