Skyraiders of the Floating Realms on ZineQuest 2 now!

Ok, this one has moved fast, and already funded, the next stretch goal for this year's ZineQuest2 on Kickstarter is a little zine sized D100 Fantasy Adventure RPG I've been working on called Skyraiders of the Floating Realms.> Go check it out on Kickstarter It's a...

Grogzilla now funding on Kickstarter

Grogzilla, briefly seen at Grogmeet 2019  is now getting a proper print run. It's currently, live on Kickstarter's ZineQuest 2:for two weeks (until February 28th) and at time of writing 50% after 12 hours, It’s full of fire-breathing three-headed skyscraper-sized...

The State of D101 Games 2019 now up on D101 HQ

A quick account of where I'm up to with D101, what we achieved last year and my plans for 2019 can be found on the D101 HQ blog. It's quite long and covers all our game lines. The State of D101 Games 2019.

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To the Stars, nearly there

After a long stretch in cryo-stasis the River of Heaven Companion, To the Stars, is now in final layout check. This means that it will be available for pre-order with the next couple of weeks (mid Jan) and on general release at end of the month/early Feb.