Hitting the Road Again

Time for episode 2 of the Infinite RPG Road Trip, this time with regular D101 contributor Paul Mitchener, about his self-published roleplaying game of British Folklore in the modern day, Liminal.

D101 Games on YouTube

I now have a D101 Games YouTube channel. It’s early days, but I’ve already thrown up a couple of videos. Come watch The OpenQuester and join us on The Infinite RPG Road Trip.

International Sales Back-Up and Going!

Due to the easing of the UK Lockdown and the improving situation as postal services adjust to Brexit, I’ve reinstated international sales on the web-store.  Just be aware that there can be delays due to Covid/Brexit. I send via Royal Mail, so check their International...

Game Downloads section now up

I’ve reinstated the downloads section of the D101 Website, where you can pick up character sheets, demo adventures and other game aids.

Grogzilla#2 Kickstarter in the Final Couple of Days

The Grogzilla #2 Kickstarter is nearly over. It has already funded two fanzines, Grogzilla#2 itself and the OQ adventure the Duck Crusade, and the final stretch of funding is for a rpg-in-a-zine called Blasters and Lasers. There’s also a Friend of D101 Games backer level that gives you access to work in progress games after the campaign ends for the rest of the year.