Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are already a good way through January, but here we go with a look at how things went in 2023 and some of the things coming up in 2024.

Looking back at 2023

2023 was a challenging year for everyone for various reasons. I’m grateful for all the support people have provided for D101 Games. Not only did it keep me in business, but it focused me on making nice, straightforward, fun games for you to enjoy.

The Open Gaming License Fiasco that kicked off at the start of the year saw various big corporate types of the RPG world firmly put their foot in their mouths. I saw an opportunity to free my games from the nonsense that the OGL has become. OpenQuest went Creative Commons, and Beyond Dread Portals (BDP), our upcoming Fantasy D20 game became its own thing due to the foresight of its author, Paul Mitchener.

Talking of Beyond Dread Portals. It may not have been funded the first time I attempted to Kickstart it back in April, but spurred on by the support of the backers, I brought it back in October, and we got Mitch’s delightful Fantasy game of world-hopping fantasy funded. You’ll hear more about this fun game as I gear up to release it in Spring.

If you missed the Kickstarter you’ll be able to make a late pledge via the D101 Games website soon by the end of this month.

Reboot the Future, my cyberpunks in a space game set in the ruthless corporate future of the 23rd century, and SimpleQuest, the concise travel version of OpenQuest, both kickstarted in 2022, saw the light of day back in April as a pair of lovely hardcovers. (available via the D101 store now, hint, hint)

The auspicious date of May 23rd 2023, saw the Lost Fools of Atlantis RPG Kickstarter open. This is my satirical take on conspiracy theory. You know Ancient Aliens, shadow governments, above top-secret sort of stuff. The setting is partnered with the Balance Engine. A narrative rules system inspired by HeroQuest, Fate and my own Monkey the RPG, using the tried and tested D20 plus bonus rollover mechanic. Despite the odds being against us, not being Dragons and Dungeons related, a very niche interest setting and a shock horror, a NARRATIVE SYSTEM, our small band of crack backers FUNDED US!  I’m very grateful for this since I’ve been itching to bring it out for the best part of a decade.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter last year, you can make a late pledge and then buy the add-ons that were available using the following web page. But hurry, when the book is ready to be delivered, I’ll close it, probably at the end of February.

OpenQuest continued to be my strongest seller, and this year, I finally got out of OpenQuest Dungeons at the close of the year. This is the final book of what I consider to be the “core books” of OpenQuest: the main rulebook and the optional OpenQuest Companion. It’s also the book that, if you are more familiar with various editions of the World’s Favourite Fantasy Roleplaying game, you can use to ease yourself into the D100-powered worlds of OpenQuest.

Going forward into 2024

I’m optimistic and re-energised from 2023’s struggles I steadily move into the new year. Here are some of the things coming from D101 Games.

New Year, New Logo!

During the Lost Fools Kickstarter, I found out that Dan Barker is not only an excellent illustrator, but he does brilliant logos as well. The trusty D101 Games logo is overdue a refresh, so Dan obliged.

Here’s the new D101 Games Logo in its two forms.

If you are wondering, the illustration in the “0” is from a detail of an ancient Greek vase, which shows Athena emerging from her father’s head.  Naughty Zeus had eaten her pregnant mother, believing that her offspring would usurp him. Feeling a headache, Athena sprang out fully armed, with, in this case, two dice. Athena is my favourite Olympian deity, and the idea that she springs from Zeus’ head symbolises how my games spring from imagination. She is the Goddess of War, Reason and Handicraft, all of which figure heavily in roleplaying games, so she’s a good candidate for a patron goddess.

Winter of Writing

I’m aware that I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline that people are waiting for. I’ve decided not to race into 2024 by announcing some big Kickstarter. I do have plans for such things, but I won’t announce them until they are at the first draft stage, and I’ve had a steady stream of releases of outstanding stuff. 

The exception to this is the following…

Are you ready to come on a Fantastic Odyssey?

This is a new Patreon which is open now.

I’m running this to support the production of a magazine called Fantastic Odysseys which will support OpenQuest and other D101 Games D100 roleplaying games, and its associated youtube videos and podcast. Patrons will get early access to blog posts, YouTube Videos and early drafts of rules, monsters and adventures that will feature in the final magazine.

Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 5 runs in February and will feature Fantastic Odyssey issue 1, with issue 2 as a stretch goal. 

Online Conventions

I’ve no plans to attend any face-to-face conventions this year for various reasons. Which is a bit depressing because that’s were I get to meet some of you fine folk and try out new ideas.  So, I’m embracing the online gaming conventions instead of being all down about it.

D101 Games Festival (March 1st – 17th)

Beat the winter blues firmly into submission with two weeks of online games, Friday 1st to Sunday 17th March, from the D101 Catalogue.  Join us to play games like Beyond Dread Portals, Crypts and Things, Hunters of Alexandria, Monkey & OpenQuest.

Fantastic Odysseys Online (July, Dates to be Decided)

The online convention was previously known as OpenQuest Online and will be held sometime early to mid-July.  Follow its channel on the Discord Server for more updates.

Beyond Quarter One

It is hard to say what is coming from April onwards. Hopefully, I’ll be up to date with all the releases that are currently being worked on, and I’ll be in the position to announce some

Winter Sale!

If you’ve read so far you deserve 20% off everything in my store until the end of February. Just use the code blackice20 at check out (note anything from the Lost Fools late pledge or addon is exempt from this).


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Note: if you want updates on stretch goals for my other Kickstarters, I will do them over the coming weeks.

Here’s to a happy year of gaming!

;O) Newt

Owner of D101 Games