Fantastic Odysseys Issue 1 on ZineQuest Now!

A magazine about fantastic adventures in D100 Tabletop Roleplaying. New monsters, religions, places to explore, and people to meet. On Kickstarter now until the end of February.

State of the D101 Games Address 2024

I look at how things went in 2023 and some of the things coming up in 2024.

Lost Fools of Atlantis Late Pledges

Did you miss the Lost Fools of Atlantis Kickstarter last year? Don’t worry I’ve opened a page for late Pledges.

D101 Games Spring Games Festival

Beat the winter blues firmly into submission with two weeks of online games, Friday 1st to Sunday 17th March, from the D101 Catalogue.

OpenQuest Dungeons now Available

This supplement for OpenQuest, which is broadly compatible with other D100 roleplaying games, has advice, resources and three adventures to ease players more familiar with D20 fantasy games into the joys of OpenQuest.


Now available to buy from my web store, SimpleQuest is a short version of OpenQuest. 

Reboot the Future

Cyberpunk in space, in the 23rd Century, using the Liminal system.


This is our acclaimed D100 Fantasy game.

Old School Games? New School Games? What ever form of Roleplaying Games you prefer, we've got you covered.

(We Just love RPGS)

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