D101 Games publishes the following roleplaying game lines.

Crypts and Things. Our Old School D&D clone setting, based upon Swords & Wizardry, drawing equal inspiration from the Swords and Sorcery genre and the British Fantasy Roleplaying Games and Gamebooks of the 1980s.

Fortune. A series of small self-contained roleplaying games, with complete rules-based off Fate, settings, a cast of non-player characters, monsters, pre-made characters and an example adventure all in around 100 pages in A5 format. These games use a concise version of the Fate system, somewhere between Fate Accelerated and Fate Core in complexity.

OpenQuest. This game is our easy to understand OGL D100 Fantasy system.  A complete game inspired by earlier editions of D100 systems, with its own set of setting/adventure books broadly compatible with other D100 systems.

Monkey The Roleplaying Game. Based on the Chinese novel The Journey to the West, better known in the West as Monkey the translation by Arthur Waley, this game sees a group of disgraced immortals escort a Buddist Monk from Tang Dynasty China all the way through the wilderness to collect lost scrolls held in India.  Who’s to stop them? A whole cadre of Demons who want to eat the Monk to gain immortality, that’s who!

River of Heaven. Is our Science Fiction Roleplaying Game setting the 28th Century, where humans have gone to the stars, colonising nearby Alpha Centurai. While faster than light space travel is still but a dream, high tech body augmentations are available to most people, meaning the step to the transhuman era is getting close. River of Heaven looks at that period and whether or not leaping is desirable and the effect on society as a result. Powered by OpenQuest the system is straightforward but complex enough to model the far-future.