In development

  • OpenQuest Adventures
  • Project Darklight
  • Mediyfal
  • Chronicles of Erun
  • Hunters of Alexandria
  • Lost Fools of Atlantis

Gloranthan Fanzines

  • Gloranathan Adventures
  • The Book of Glorious Joy
  • Hearts in Glorantha


For OpenQuest

Crucible of Dragons

Life and Death

OpenQuest Adventures

The Savage North

For Crypts and Things

Blood of the Dragons

Tomb of the Necromancer


  • Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Fantasy

Out of Print

Worlds of Wordplay – a self contained D6 narrative game with four settings. Now available as Wordplay via its author Graham Spearing.

The Book of Glorious Joy – An alternative take on Glorantha’s West and Kingdom of Loskalm by Jamie “Troskey” Revell.

Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Fantasy – A short take on running classic D&D using the HeroQuest rules.

The Company – D100 rules for modern warfare.