Beyond Dread Portals Preview Edition

This is an artless preview edition of Paul Mitchener’s Fantasy Class/Level based game of World Hopping, crowdfunding on soon.

Ministry of Thunder available

With a story arc of four adventures to introduce new Narrators and players to the worlds of the Monkey the Roleplaying Game, this adventure book is now available in pdf and pre-order of print (with free pdf).

OpenQuest Companion Now Available

The OpenQuest Companion is now available in pdf and pre-order print, with free pdf. 

Paul Mitchener on Why he Wrote Beyond Dread Portals

Over at my Sorcerer Under the Mountain blog, the author of Beyond Dread Portals explains the various design goals he had in mind when he wrote the game. Read the article From my web store, you can download a free artless version of the game, which covers up to level 5...

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Beyond Dread Portals Delayed

I was due to start crowdfunding, Beyond Dread Portals t the weekend. We're not quite ready to do so due to personal circumstances. So I've taken the decision to delay it for a month or so. If you haven't already, check out the preview. Beyond Dread Portals.

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February Newsletter is out

I’ve been busier with releases during the long winter months than I thought I had been. Check out the latest issue of D101 Game’s Email newsletter to see what I’ve been up to.

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