SimpleQuest on Kickstarter

A concise and small book format version of OpenQuest with a few tweaks for quick play is on Kickstarter until Monday 12th December.

Reboot the Future on sale now

Get our Liminal powered Cyberpunk game, set in the 23rd Century in pdf or print.  Pre-order open until 30th Nov.

Beyond Dread Portals Preview Edition

This is an artless preview edition of Paul Mitchener’s Fantasy Class/Level based game of World Hopping, crowdfunding on soon.

Ministry of Thunder available

With a story arc of four adventures to introduce new Narrators and players to the worlds of the Monkey the Roleplaying Game, this adventure book is now available in pdf and pre-order of print (with free pdf).

OpenQuest Companion Now Available

The OpenQuest Companion is now available in pdf and pre-order print, with free pdf. 

SimpleQuest live on Kickstarter for Two Weeks

SimpleQuest, a short concise version of OpenQuest, is currently on Kickstarter for two weeks until Monday 12th December. SimpleQuest on Kickstarter As of writing the main book is funded, and four stretch goals have been funded too. This means all backers get a pdf of...

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Reboot the Future now Available

My Cyberpunks in Space, sticking it to the corporations and their Alien allies is now available. In pdf and as pre-order (print will be sent out in December, or early Jan). A standalone roleplaying game, based on the straightforward Liminal RPG by Paul Mitchener....

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