Catching the Wyrm


A short 28-page introductory adventure for OpenQuest, ideal for new Referees and players.

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Come with us on a Quest in The Shambles. A lost, ruined city whose streets are paved with gold. To catch a wyrm, before it brings death and destruction to the adventurer’s settlement of Tent Town.

This adventure is an introductory Quest for newly created characters and is suitable for starting Referees. It can be linked with the adventure in the main OpenQuest rulebook and the Lost Outpost QuickStart to form a small mini-campaign.

It contains two adventure locations to explore during the Quest.

  • Tent Town. A ramshackle settlement of tents and wooden buildings amongst the ruins of previous settlements ransacked by raiders. Centred on the Mound of Maia, it is home to pilgrims visiting that temple to the Earth Mother and would-be treasure hunters who seek their fortune in The Shambles. Tensions are already high between these two groups, and the appearance of the Wrym over the walls has brought matters to a boiling point.
  • The Squares district of The Shambles. Once a thriving home for artisans and well to do merchants, with a Library, boutique shops and even an arena, it’s now infested with Goblins and shambling dead. The Quest will ultimately lead the characters here, for this is where the wyrm makes its lair.

A 28 page softcover in US Letter size, with black and white illustrations throughout.

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