The Lost Outpost, The OpenQuest Quick-Start Rules and Adventure (Pdf)


The OpenQuest Quickstart rules and adventure, with six pre-made characters.


This pdf is designed to get players and Referees up and playing OpenQuest, with the minimum of preparation.
It contains the following sections.

  • Characters. A rundown of what an OpenQuest character is made up of, both in terms of numbers and concepts.
  • Quick Rules. A concise version of the OpenQuest rules, enough to play the adventure.
  • Combat. The rules for physical combat.
  • Magic. The basic approach to magic, known as Personal Magic.
  • The Lost Outpost. An introductory adventure set in OpenQuest’s example setting, the Empire of Gatan.
  • A set of six pre-made characters. Players should pick one and get ready to play.

Here’s a more detailed view of the Quick-Start, along with some design notes at the end, over at