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A compendium of optional and alternative rules for OpenQuest and any D100 game.

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Note the print version of this book is currently going through print approval and should be ready a couple of weeks after New Years Day. If you buy it now you will get instant access to the free pdf, and the book will be sent once it is ready. 

This book focuses on maximum gaming fun, presenting modular rules that add excitement to any D100 game.

The One Magic System. I first used this quick magic system for convention games. Here it is, expanded and balanced for campaigns that do not need (or where you don’t want to use), OpenQuest’s standard Three Magic System.

Membership. Want a quick game mechanic to measure how responsive your character’s organisation is to their calls for help? Then the optional Membership (Organisation) skill is the answer. Use it to track your character’s ups and downs in the organisation’s favour and to gain access to the organisation’s benefits. An extension of the rules for Ranks, in the core rulebook’s Magic chapters, these now also cover non-magical organisations such as guilds.

Adventuring Associations. So, your merry band of adventurers have formed a party that has endured at least one caper and they want to create a shared base of operations? This article shows the benefits of the characters creating their own adventuring association or joining an existing one. Also, it is an example of how to use the Membership skill. 

Deities List. A generic list of readymade religions for you to use in your game.

Near-Death Experiences. When a character should die, the player spends a fortune point to avoid the final curtain call. Instead of just falling unconscious, until the combat is over, they end up caught between worlds. The valuable insights they can gain while waiting to come back to life are covered in this article.

Other World Quests. This article explains what exactly happens when the characters go adventuring in the Other Worlds.

Realm Quests. This article details how to define nations and states in OpenQuest, and the Quests that arise because of events in the realm.

WAR! The realm is ablaze with conflict. This article deals with the consequences of war to the adventurers, no matter their power to affect the final outcome.

 Quick Quest. Meet the rules I use at my table to streamline the game even further, without short-changing the players.

Quick Encounters. Classic D100 Encounters tables by terrain type, to spice up dull journeys.


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