OpenQuest System Resource Document


This zip file contains all the Open Gaming Content from OpenQuest 3rd Edition, in a series of text files for use by third-party publishers to create their own content.

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Here it is, the OpenQuest 3rd Edition rules stripped down to their bare essentials.

It’s also available online.

Note this is not the full game, which is fully illustrated, with copious examples, advice, a setting and an adventure which is available from me.

If you are interested in using the SRD for your content, please read the “How to Use the SRD” pdf included. This article explains the Open Gaming License that the SRD is released under in layman’s terms and what you have to do to comply with its terms to release products, either free or commercial, using it.

Previously releases of the OQ SRD have spawned such great games as Age of Shadow by Crooked Staff Games, Cakebread and Walton’s Clockwork and Chivalry and Jackals published by Osprey games, so I’m interested to see what comes out from this release.

If you are working on something, let me know, and I’ll list it at


;O) Newt