The Mandate of Heaven


An adventure/setting book for Monkey the Roleplaying Game. The Mandate is the most ambitious release that I’ve ever done for Monkey, and is often called the Mega Monkey!

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Up in the Western Heaven is a city of jade and jewel-encrusted buildings. The city is home to China’s Celestial Immortals. It hangs in the clouds above Mount Kunlun. The Queen Mother of the West is worried. Every thousand years, worthy individuals are given special peaches which grant them immortality at a small ceremony and party. But the consignment of ripe peaches for the ceremony have gone missing.
Through the Ministries of Heaven, the Queen Mother contacts immortal representatives on Earth. Reports are inconclusive, and some are patchy if not downright fraudulent. Someone or something is deliberately upsetting the divine Mandate of Heaven, which ensures harmony in the Universe. The Queen Mother summons investigators from the Ministry of Thunder, while on Earth the City
God of Chang’an, the Chinese Capital summons, a similar group of earthbound Immortals, and in Hell, King Yama summons the legendary Demon Hunters to his court. All three agencies are determined to get to the bottom of the missing peaches and deal with the miscreants involved.

This epic set of adventures for Monkey the Roleplaying Game takes place in three cities within Chinese Mythology. The Western Heaven, Chang‘an the capital of the Tang Empire, and the Ten Courts of Hell. There numerous plots play out, and evil demons try to bring about the downfall of Heaven and Earth by usurping the Mandate of Heaven, the divine harmony that exists between them. Of course, this being Monkey, the story is light-hearted with moments of intense action. It’s the most epic Monkey experience produced to date for the game.

It can be used in a number of ways. A sourcebook giving a more detailed look at the three worlds of Monkey. Providing NPCs and inspiration for your own adventures. As a set of interconnected adventures to foil a great evil.

This 131-page hardcover book contains:

Setting information and important non-player characters for three cities. Each city comes loaded with scenario seeds and a long-form adventure.

  1. The Western Heaven
  2. Chang’an the capital of Tang China on Earth
  3. You Do the City of Darkness, buried deep in the Chinese Underworld.

At the back of the book are the following supplemental chapters.

  • 15 immortals. Five pre-made player immortals for each of the three cities.
  • Hell Money. This chapter outlines an optional rule for characters, rewarding good behaviour and penalising bad behaviour, as well as what happens if an immortal ends up imprisoned in the Ten Courts of Hell and then how they either pay their way out or escape.

Note there is an accompanying pdf of play aids, which contains the following:

  • Quick Guides to all three city, which the players can review in-game so they know the obvious things that their characters would know.
  • The 15 pre-made Immortals, as one-page landscape Character Sheet.
  • A double-sided printable sheet of Hell Money notes.

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