Grogzilla #2


Grogzilla returns in this second issue of D101’s house fanzine, originally produced for Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 2021 promotion. It contains articles and adventures for Crypts and Things, Monkey the RPG, and sneak peeks of new stuff like Slumberland (a fantasy game using the Liminal RPG engine) and Summerset, a setting for an upcoming series of adventures for 13th Age.

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Now available in both pdf and print+pdf formats! Note I have limited copies of the print run left over from the Kickstarter, once they are gone they won’t be reprinted.

In this issue.

A Slight Return. A new introductory one-shot adventure for Monkey the RPG, where the player Immortals find
themselves cleaning up the mess made by the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, aka Monkey.

The Ten-Minute Monkey Setup. A companion piece to the above. This article explains how to introduce Monkey the RPG in ten minutes (or less) to a group of new players who are eager to dive in and play.

Summerset, The Heart of Angland. The setting for an upcoming series of adventures set in a Mythic Cotswolds. Includes. The Council of Summerset. A group of icons for the Archmage Engine. A Guide to Summerset. A map and entries for important places and personalities of the setting.

More Metal Than You’ll Ever Live to Be!. Move over all you OSR wannabes, Crypts and Things is back off tour with this True Metal Classic mini-adventure \m/

Welcome to Slumberland. I reveal this upcoming Sleepy Horror game set in a fantasy version of the North of England’s Pennines (where I live). Using Paul “thetweedmeister” Mitchener’s Liminal ruleset and Paul “spookshow71” Tomes’ art.

The Slumberland Hack. Gives the extra rules you’ll need to run Slumberland using Liminal.

The Tunnel to Slumberland. A quick introductory adventure to get the player characters to the Slumberland.

The Secret of the Grogdice. I’m not going to hint what this is here, just go and read the feature.

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