To the Stars!


A companion for the River of Heaven Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, with adventures, articles, setting information and new character options.

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This 88-page companion book is what happened next since the main rulebook came out in 2014, a collection of the two released adventures and articles that have come about due to fans questions about the game and setting.

Finding Your Way in the River of Heaven (page 4). This article is a short-cut to understanding the default setting, or rather two settings that co-exist side by side in the main rulebook by Newt Newport.

Organisations (page 8). The main rulebook describes many organisations, and this article By Paul Mitchener fleshes them out so that you can create detailed non-player characters. Also, if your players want to have
characters that belong to an organisation, reaping the benefits and living by the obligations that membership brings, these rules explain that as well.

Quick Starts (page 18), in many ways a follow up to Finding Your Way… this article by Newt Newport explains how to quickly draw together the elements needed for a River of Heaven campaign using a questionnaire. As examples, it contains two completed questionnaires. One for a military mercenary campaign and the other for a River of Heaven themed heroes in a spaceship game.

Adventure Seeds (page 22) by Paul Mitchener and Newt Newport gives you more example set-ups for adventures using the setting.

Subspecies Clarification (page 26) by Newt Newport is my response to some questions that were asked over on about how the variant human subspecies’ in the setting work in play.

Finally, I’ve collated the first two published adventures by John Ossoway, which with the introductory scenario Reunion (which is now in the current version of the main rulebook), can form a starting trilogy of adventures, as detailed in Finding Your Way…

  • The Last Witness (page 28) by John Ossoway. Step-ship returns from a deep space mission, and the characters are hired by a religious group who believe that God is an E.T. to investigate.
  • Message from Furthermost (page 59) by John Ossoway. 300 years ago, the Pilots Guild sent a colony ship out to the planet of Gliese 667 CC. It was never heard of again. Now after receiving a faint distress signal, another Guild Step-Ship investigates the lost colony, and itself goes missing. This triggers the Guilds Special Circumstances Department’s involvement and a team including the characters are assembled to find out what happened.

Format US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) softcover, with full-colour cover and internal illustration by Peter Frain.

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