OpenQuest Basic Edition

A concise cut down no-art version of OpenQuest 2nd Edition now available as a low cost book and a FREE PDF.

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Our game of Chinese Immortals Journeying West to reclaim the lost scrolls of Buddhism, is now pay what you want for the pdf version.

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Crucible of the Dragons

An adventure/setting book for OpenQuest. Hoplites vs Dragons vs Demons on a lost island inspired by Ray Harryhausen and Clark Ashton Smith.

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Worlds of Wordplay

Worlds of Wordplay a narrative storytelling game using a straightforward D6 dicepool mechanic. Comes bundled with four worlds to explore.


Savage North Directors Cut Unleashed!

Updated version of the classic old school Swords and Sorcery module for OpenQuest.


Crypts and Things

Be it as Barbarian, Fighter, Sorcerer or Thief come visit the Continent of Terror in our Swords and Sorcery game based upon the early version of the World’s Favourite Fantasy game.

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River of Heaven

John Ossoway’s Hard Science Fiction RPG powered by OpenQuest, has been successfully funded by Kickstarter and is currently in production.

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Old School Games? New School Games?
What ever form of Roleplaying Games you prefer, we've got you covered.

(We Just love RPGS)

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Have a Merry Monkey Christmas

Monkey Madness! I found a small pile of printed copies of Monkey in my attic left over a con appearance. So If you live in the UK or EU I can sell you a copy for £5 /6 EUR post and packaging FREE and I’ll send you a PDF for FREE. Paypal the funds to...

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