Crypts and Things Remastered now on Kickstarter 1st -31st of March

Kickstarter successfully funded! So this book is happening, go back to get early access and book before it goes on general release.

Updated rules, completely new art and more new content (100 extra pages as of writing).

Also five adventures (three of which are new releases) available as add-ons.

Old School Games? New School Games?
What ever form of Roleplaying Games you prefer, we've got you covered.

(We Just love RPGS)

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Crypts & Things Remastered Kickstarter, under one week to go!

Just a quick update, with one week to go: The Kickstarter itself is funded, so the book with completely new art is going to happen! Stretch Goals 1-4 have funded , so along with what was in the basic goal thats a extra 100 pages of new content! Go check it out on...

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