Book of Glorious Joy


Jamie Revell’s take on the Gloranthan West, with the kingdom of Loskalm detailed.

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Jamie Revell’s take on the Gloranthan West, with the kingdom of Loskalm detailed.

NOTE: This book is from the early 2000s, when the Gloranthan West was portrayed as a land of Medieval Knights and Wizards. This view is not in keeping with Gloranthan Cannon, which is Ancient Bronze age. The book is also stated for HeroQuest.


This Book gives an overview of the Gloranthan West before detailing the heroic Kingdom of Loskalm. Where adventurous souls seek the Joy of the Heart and rise from the rank of Peasant to the lofty heights of Wizard-Knight!

176 of playable material, including character generation, history, mythology, religions, cultural and magical information, for a setting that is very different from the standard published Gloranthan settings.

Comprising of two parts, made up of the following chapters.

Book 1. Heroes of Malkion

Introduction – Overview of the West
Keeping the Faith – Mythology, history and occupational keywords.
The Divine Word – An Overview of Western Magic.

Book 2. Wizard Knights

Overview of the Kingdom of Loskalm – It’s history, culture and major personalities.
The Idealist Church of Loskalm. A full write up of Loskalm’s religons.
Gazetterof Loskalm – A full guide to Loskalm and its provinces.
Commonly encountered Non Player Characters.
The Parish of Haut Ussle -an example community.

176 page book, cover by Jon Hodgson, internal art by Peter Town.

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