The teasing is over. The mystery game is the long-threatened Lost Fools of Atlantis, a dark comedy game about conspiracies.

Play a recently revived Atlantean who survived the Fall of Atlantis over ten thousand years ago. Thrust into a fictional modern world like ours, where conspiracies are real and various factions vie for control. Using a rules-light narrative gaming system known as the Balance System, which uses opposed roll over D20 + bonus rolls as its unified core mechanic.

The Kickstarter runs for 23 days from 23rd May to 14th June, and is primarily to fund a 100 page US Regal size (6 x 9 inch book) self-contained rulebook (rules, setting, and adventure).

Here’s Jon Hodgson’s cover.

Lost Fools of Atlantis, cover by Jon Hodgson

Dan Barker is on board to do art. Here’s one of the pieces he’s already done for the game.

Art by Dan Barker