Finally, after much consideration, I’m calling an end to Hearts in Glorantha/Gloranthan Adventures as a publishing adventure.

It’s been over ten years and a fantastic experience that I’ve learnt a lot from. It grew out of my earlier efforts with the Ring of HeroQuest Narrators ( a UK demo team and fan website), I wouldn’t have made the leap from web design to desktop publishing, publishing to a deadline, art direction, turning up to conventions with a box of stock, as well as dealing with a broader fan community.

I realised that despite my attempt to enter a third phase of the zine’s existence, my Heart is no longer in it, and with the success of the OpenQuest 3 Kickstarter and other ongoing and emerging game lines at D101 Games, I’ve not got any time for it.

I’d like to thank Jeff Richard at Chaosium/Moon Design for his advice and help in the early days. Special thanks to John Ossoway, John Hodgeson and Stuart Stansfield for the covers. To all the artists and authors who submitted their work. I’ve been humbled by the passion that you all put into your work.

So long and thanks for all the Ducks 🙂

;O) Newt

The Practical bits of this Announcement
1. If you are missing individual copies of HiG/GA, including the out of print issues 1-5, they will be available via the d101games web site until the end of October, in print/pdf.

  • Hearts in Glorantha/Gloranthan Adventures over at [Update, end date has passed, no longer available through me]

2. At the end of this month, all D101 Gloranthan Fan publishing will stop. The books will become unavailable in any format, and the Hearts in Glorantha blog will be deleted.