The Hollow West

The Hollow West, cover by Jon Hodgson

The Hollow West, cover by Jon Hodgson

The Hollow West is a roleplaying game set in a Wild West at the centre of the Hollow Earth.

The world is hollow and deep within the Earth’s depths is a Lost World where dinosaurs still live. Here after the Spanish Conquest of South America, the Aztec and Mayan survivors escaped here and re-established their empires.  Some of the Indians escaping the aftermath of the Indian Wars in the USA have recently arrived here and have begun to set up hidden communities. This, in turn, has led the white man here as Indian Hunters have tracked them down. Finding Gold and Gems, and a promise of more this has led a new gold rush and a new Wild Frontier. Every day the new Trans Subterranean railway line brings new settlers to New Texas.

Players take on the role of Cowboys, Gunslingers, Academics, Red Indians and even Occultists all looking for adventure on the edges of civilisation, in the wondrous and great unknown of the Hollow Earth.

In this book, we present complete rules for character generation and play, and details of this fantastic wild west, including the different factions present, the geography of the Hollow Earth, important people, supernatural beasts, scenario seeds and a complete introductory scenario.

ETA sometime in 2017.

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