The Road to Hell


The Road to Hell is a Halloween themed adventure for early editions of D&D/OSR using the Swords and Wizardry ruleselt

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It’s been a rough year for professional adventurers such as yourself. Last year good Queen Bess finally passed on, and Sir Robert Cecil effortlessly paved the way for King James to come south from Scotland and take up the crown. A more prudent monarch with a considerable national debt to deal with, he immediately tightened the purse strings. So, less money for expeditions to the New World. Also, Good King James has been making friends with the Spanish, so no more licenses for pirating the Spanish and an end to dubious endeavours in Europe. He’s also no friend of witches. He even sat in on torture sessions while up in Scotland. So patrons for your line of work have dried up or in some cases lost their heads in the change of regime, and you were looking destitution in the face.  

Then the architect of your downfall, Sir Robert, seeks you out and puts you in touch with an old patron. An odd fellow called Dr Dee, former court astrologer to the Queen until he fell out of favour and had to go on a grand European tour. Last you had heard Queen Bess had arranged for him to take up a post at some priestly school up North, well away from the intrigues of her court. You remember the occasional job you did for him as being some of the fantastical of your career. Not the most straightforward work, but needs must.  

So, at the end of a long trek made at your own expense northwards, you find yourself outside the door of an inn where Dr Dee has paid for your lodgings, according to a letter you hold that details your current employment. It’s an ominous missive that details Dr Dee’s precarious position as Warden of Christ’s College in Manchester, and worst still that he has divined that your journey north from Chester will take you along a “Road to Hell”.  Its nine in the evening, there should be music and sounds of revelry from within. It’s strangely silent. You look at each other expectantly. Someone is going to have to take the lead and open that door and go inside. 

We have such sights to show you!

Some of the encounters awaiting the players in this adventure:

Headless Zombies, flesh-eating demonic assassins, all-seeing oracles, screaming mad women, cowardly men hiding in water closets, The Death and Resurrection Show, at least one bar room brawl (two, if the adventures like to pick fights), a black knight of the realm, his gang of knaves, a stone circle of menace, and a tower made of twisted flesh that writhes in agony.

Features of the Book

  • Six Premade characters so you can pick up the adventure and play it straight away. Unlike many other OSR adventures, these characters are hardened adventurers of 5th Level. Each character will have a portrait by Peter Town (Hearts in Glorantha, Mythic Russia).
  • Black and White Illustrations by Daniel Barker (Monkey, Tales of the Reaching Moon) of the monsters that the characters will meet in the adventure.
  • Five black and white detailed maps by Golden Ennie award-winning cartographer Glynn Seal (MonkeyBlood Design, The Midderlands).
  • A colour cover by Jon Hodgson (Warhammer Fantasy 1st-4th edition, D&D 4th & 5th, The One Ring).
  • The book is 74 pages long, 6 inches by 9 inches hardback

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