The Duck Crusade


Play heavy metal Ducks vs. evil mad Cultists in this adventure with mini-setting and pre-made characters for OpenQuest.

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An Adventure with mini-setting and pre-made characters for OpenQuest.

The Order of the Great Cosmic Egg lives at Fort Fury on the edge of the Groglands. It is a rather strange Knightly Order of the Empire of Gatan, since all its members are ducks.
To understand why the Order exists, you have to look back into its origins. Two hundred years ago, the ducks’ ancestors lived peacefully in their sweet moist homeland, which was called Green Lakes. This situation changed in a single day, when the giant monstrous three-headed lizard, known as Grogzilla, came and laid it all to waste with its vile breath of corruption!

Grogzilla, swiftly conquered the land now known as Grogland. A small number of duck survivors came into the human lands of the Gatan. They settled at Fort Fury, a human outpost, where they were very kindly allowed to permanently stay by the local human tribe. Fifty years ago, when the Empire of Gatan formed, the ducks became part of it and quickly adopted Knighthood as the basis of their culture.

Your characters are the last of your Order. The duck population has been dwindling for years, due to the never-ending war they wage against the Grogzittes, a human cult that follows Grogzilla and lives in Grogland.

The characters have just received the bad news that their mentors – the Duck Pack – have been killed while out patrolling the Groglands. And, worse still, that while Grogzilla sleeps in a cave beneath the ruins of Fowlton, it has laid an egg – and its corrupt human priesthood has brought it to the surface! They plan to hatch it, and soon there will be a SON OF GROGZILLA!!!


  • The Duck Crusade. This is the adventure, a hellish journey through a warped and corrupted land to slay the Son of Grogzilla.
  • Gazetteer of the Groglands. Details about the locations within the old Duck Homeland, that has been conquered and turned against them.
  • Pre-made Duck Characters. Six crusader ducks (oh and a Monkey that thinks he’s a duck) so you can pick up and play the adventure straight away.
  • Duck Hunt. Don’t fancy playing ducks? Then play as their cultist enemies! This article explains how to create Grogzitte Cultists and how to run the adventure from their perspective.
  • Six Grogzittes. Six cultists, so you can play straight away.

Note. This adventure contains mature themes, despite its comic overtones, that the Referee should be prepared to highlight and discuss with their players before playing it.

A5 Zine format, 60 pages, black and white art by Dan Barker.

Please note have a limited number of copies is available in print,  left over from the Kickstarter that will not be restocked once they are sold.

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