Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain


An Old School Fantasy game inspired by 80s British Fantasy Roleplaying. Also contains the adventure The Sorcerer Under the Mountain.

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If you remember the way we played back in the 1980s or are curious to see and experience it, from a British perspective, this game is for you. An all in one rulebook, in a handy hardback A5 format of 248 pages. Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain is designed to be a portable and playable version of the earliest version of the Worlds Favourite Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

It includes a concise version of the Swords and Wizardry rules, a chapter explaining what the Old School Renaissance is, a chapter of house rules, dungeon creation guidelines, 101 creatures and even a complete adventure The Sorcerer Under the Mountain.

What this Book Contains?
A concise set of rules. The Swords and Wizardry rules are based on the original edition of the game, and contains the essence of the game in an uncomplicated set of rules. However, it still forms quite a hefty big book. I wanted a single book that I could carry in a shoulder bag, or easily reference on a tablet, which contains all rules that I played with my friends all those years ago. So I’ve taken the Swords & Wizardry rules that I regularly use in my game and edited it down to fit in a single small book.

The main changes from Swords & Wizardry Complete:

  • Only core four character classes (Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User and Thief), Characters only progress to 10th Level. As a result, only Magic-User Spells Level 1-5, and Cleric 1-5 are in this book.
  • I’ve removed the Swords & Wizardry guidance on dungeon creation, which talks about setting up encounters based upon the number of monsters by dungeon level for a more straightforward set of guidelines based on my experience of running the game.

The selection of 101 creatures in the Monsters chapter is a small set of the many available, but enough to get you up and to going with opponents and give examples to create your own.

House Rules. Part of the charm of the old rules was how quickly new rules developed, some of which would become their own rulesets, and that Referees are encouraged to create ‘House Rules’ to suit their gaming table. This book contains a short section that has some of the rules that I use in my games.

And to get you started playing:

  • The Sorcerer Under the Mountain. A classic-style dungeon inspired by the adventure gamebooks of the 1980s, for characters levels 1-3.


  • What is the OSR? A short rundown of the Old School Renaissance and the games that have come out of it, and some of the Blogs to read to start your exploration of the OSR Blogosphere.


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