Skyraiders of the Floating Realms Zero Edition


Skyraiders of the Floating Realms Zero Edition is the playest version of a rules-lite D100 game I will be Kickstarting later in the year.

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Welcome to D100 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Gaming

Skyraiders of the Floating Realms is a traditional tabletop role-playing game at its Maximum Game Fun. You play characters going on adventures through the fantastic world of the Floating RRealms, besting foes and collecting marvellous, magical treasures from its ancient history.

D100 Powered

Skyraiders uses a direct and straightforward D100 system, developed for one-shots and short campaigns of fast, exciting play. It is quick and concise, and firmly of the 70s/80s old school but without the clunky rulings that games of that era often brought with them.

Two versions Standard and Skyraider

The Zero Edition comes in two versions. A standard grey cover version for the curious, which has all the content detailed below. It’s a complete game that’s playable out of the box. The Skyraiders version has the full glorious colour cover and all the extra content from the Kickstarter (a new adventure, five NPC personalities, a mini-bestiary) as extra pdfs. Also, it will have additional pdf chapters added as I develop the game towards its final first edition (coming to Kickstarter later this year). By buying this version of the game, you are getting early access to the full game in development and helping me pay the pre-Kickstarter production costs.

Note I have a very limited number of printed copies of both versions.

What this Zero Edition Contains

A fuller version of the game is coming later this year, but this Zero Edition gets you up and gaming in the Floating Realms, with the following chapters.

1. Characters

This chapter details how to create and improve the adventurers. It is intended as a one-stop-shop for everything the players need to know about their alter-egos in the Floating Realms.

2. How to do Things

This chapter deals with the percentile-based skill system that the game uses. Small and compact, it allows both the players and the Referee quickly resolve whether the
characters succeed at what they are attempting when the outcome of their actions is unclear.

3. How to Fight

A closer look at what happens when the characters end up fighting their opponents. Skyraiders combat is quick and furious and models the swashbuckling antics of its combatants.

4. How to do Magic

In the Floating Realms, everyone can do a bit of magic. This chapter explains how and gives a shortlist of magic spells. It also explains how magic items work.

5. Organisations

Despite the fractured nature of the Floating Realms, there are many organisations which the characters can join to learn magic and power.

6. Monsters

This chapter explains how to create monsters for your adventures and has a couple of examples.

7. Adventure: The Edge of the World

While other games go dungeon delving or telling some great contrived story of the main characters, Skyraiders comes from a simpler time of journeys across fantastic
lands, were the adventurers encounter events in locations and then move on to the next encounter location, rather than get stuck down the dungeon.
The Edge of the World is such an adventure, where the adventurers must deal with the fact that their current home sky island is disappearing.

Extra Content for the Skyraiders version

By purchasing the Skyraiders version in either print or pdf, you will receive the following as standalone pdfs.

These stretch goals from the ZineQuest2 Kickstarter.that funded the initial development of the game.

  • Adventure 2: The Floating Forest. This is going to be my convention-style scenario to introduce the game. It will come with a set of 4-6 pre-made characters as well as the write-up.
  • The Crew of the Flying Circus. Pre-made characters for your games of  Skyraiders a
  • Creatures of the Floating Realms. A collection of twenty monsters for Skyraiders of the Floating Realms
  • Five Personalities of the Floating Realms. Five non-player characters designed to reoccurring patrons, foils or even enemies for your games of Skyraiders.

Going forward you will receive updated versions of the core rules and any additional chapters in draft form I write before the final version is kickstarted.

Delivery of this extra content will be by pdf via email as a one-off, or if you register with when you check out, the content will be available to you to download from the site.

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