OpenQuest 3 Pre-Order Pdf/Print – Signed and Sent


Missed the OpenQuest 3 Kickstarter? Get the Signed and Sent book at the same cost as the KS, with the first supplement book and the Quickstart, both in pdf/POD for free!

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This pre-order gets you the following rewards from the OpenQuest 3rd Edition Kickstarter that ran last year.

  • OpenQuest 3rd Edition in pdf and as a printed Signed and Sent copy. (available in pdf April, and print May).
  • OpenQuest Companion in pdf and POD. (estimated date of delivery late May/June).
  • The OpenQuest Quickstart: The Last Outpost, an introductory one-shot adventure, with concise rules and pre-made characters, in pdf and POD.

The main rule book will be a Signed and Sent copy printed by a proper printer rather than POD, and will have the following features.

  • Sown pages rather than glued.
  • Endpapers,
  • Five coloured plates.
  • A ribbon marker.
  • A book-plate glued inside the front cover, which I will sign.

This version will not be available outside of the Kickstarter and this pre-order.

Pdfs for the OpenQuest 3 and the Quickstart are ready now, and are available for instant download when your order completes.  The OpenQuest Companion is currently being worked on, and will be sent on when it is ready.

The Signed and Sent OpenQuest 3 will be sent directly from me when it comes back from the printers.

For all the other books when the Print on Demand copy is ready you will be sent a link via the email you provide here, to an at-cost Print on Demand copy. You pay the printing and postage costs.  Note if you only want the pdf of these products, simply do not redeem the POD coupons when you receive them.

This pre-order will stay open until Sunday, May 9th.


Purchase of this product, allows you to buy a selection of the Add-ons that were available via Kickstarter. Links below.

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OpenQuest Classics – there now out of print adventures.

The Company – a modern-day military game, using OpenQuest.

River of Heaven Bundle – our OQ powered Sci-fi game, with its companion.

Skyraiders of the Floating Realms Zero Edition – a quick and easy D100 Fantasy Game.

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