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Use this page to buy add-ons from the Lost Fools of Atlantis Kickstarter. See the full description for instructions.

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Purchase the following add-ons from the drop-down picker. You can order multiple add-ons by hitting “continue shopping” on the cart page, which returns you to this page.

Once you’ve ordered your add-on, I will issue you a pdf/POD coupon for Drivethrurpg.com for your order.  For Print on Demand books, you pay DriveThruRPG.com the book’s production cost and the shipping cost.

Please give me your DrivethrouRpg.com email address in the order’s comments.

If you are an existing backer, please give your Kickstarter user name in the order’s comments so I can link it to you.

If you are a new backer, please buy a pledge level first.

Each add-on below has a link in its name that leads to its product page.


  • £15 Monkey the RPG + Mandate of Heaven + Ministry of Thunder. Our epic game of the Chinese Classic, the Journey to the West. Kung-fu fights, passionate bickering, and errant Immortals travel across a mythic China to India to collect missing scrolls of Buddhist cannon. The game comes bundled with its two adventure supplements.
  • £5 Hunters of Alexandria. Paul Mitchener’s historical fantasy game is set in Ancient Alexandria in the early days of the Roman occupation, using Fate.
  • £5 The Hollow West.  Journey to the centre of the Hollow Earth on the Great Subterranean Railway and find a land filled with gunslingers, dinosaurs, and ancient mystery.  Uses the Fate game system.
  • £10 Worlds of Worldplay. I’m bringing back this out-of-print game for the duration of this Kickstarter—Graham Spearing’s narrative game system using d6 dice pools and four different game worlds to explore. Explore Keep Portland Weird by Charles Green, the Cold Crusade by Mark Galeotti, Infinite War by Newt Newport and The Drowned Lands by Paul Mitchener.  [Note lack of preview because the game does not currently have a live product page, being out of print].
  • £10 Reboot the Future.  One of our newest releases, Cyberpunk Roleplaying in the 23rd Century. It uses a modified version of Paul Mitchener’s Liminal system based on a familiar 2d6 roll over a target number mechanic, with many genre-based options for the players to really get into character.
  • £30 D101 Games Bundle of Narrative RPGs. All the above at a discounted price (£30 instead of £45 individually).

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Monkey the RPG, Hunters of Alexandria, The Hollow West, Worlds of Worldplay, Reboot the Future, D101 Games Bundle of Narrative RPGs