Hearts in Glorantha Issue 4


Issue 4 of Hearts in Glorantha.


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A licensed fanzine for Glorantha, which covers both the 2nd Age and 3rd Age of Glorantha. Both d100 (RQ2/RQ3, MRQ, BRP) and HeroQuest systems supported. It aims to produce a diverse set of articles in each issue, written by fans old and new of the setting. The emphasis being on material that is usable in your games. Two issues every year, Summer and Winter.

This issue:
“Junora: The lost province” by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell, “Mirrorshaft hall” an adventure location by Stewart Stansfield,
“Thorula” an adventure location/homeland by Dr Moose , “Flotsam and Jetsam” Ships and Creatures from Glorantha’s oceans by Nick Davison,
“The Hellwood” the most vile and corrupted Aldryami forest in all of Glorantha by Shannon Appelcline,

Feature: All under the Red Moon

“Vastar” a Lunar Heartland Town by Newt Newport,
“The Great Egg hunt” an adventure by Newt Newport,
“Moon Boat Down” an adventure by Nick Davison,

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