Hearts in Glorantha Issue 2




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Please note this publication is going out of print as of October 31st 2020.

A fanzine for Greg Stafford’s World of Glorantha, supporting both D100 systems (RuneQuest, Basic Roleplaying, OpenQuest) and HeroQuest. Includes adventures, fiction, background information on a variety of subjects from this immersive mythic fantasy world.


  • Editorial
  • Yushargos
  • Itunkala’s Trade
  • Lanbril the Survivor
  • Creature Feature
  • Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped
  • ElfPak Designer Notes
  • From the Bestiary of Ashkoran the Tamer
  • A Rough Guide to Deeper
  • Why is the Ocean Foggy?
  • Saint Magrat Holy Mother of the Harpies
  • The Harpies of Iceclaw Mountain
  • Good King Thunder
  • Singing the Songs of Rebellion
  • Dundealos
  • Jaldonkill
  • “When the Snow lay Round About…”
  • Improvising with an Affinity
  • The Back page


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