We think OQ is great but don’t just take our word for it, here’s a selection of reviews

OpenQuest 2nd Edition

Ubiquitos RatOpenQuest  is certainly worth a look if you like the OSR-flavour but not the D&D retro-rules of other games. It’s an open version of the d100 classic game system, and the basics are free. Buy into the deluxe edition, though, because it has got everything you need to run your game.”

The Retired Adventurer Which looks at the differences between 1st and 2nd Edition.

Old reviews for OpenQuest 1st Edition

All the content of OQ1 is included in OQ2, so these reviews are still very relevant to the current edition.

Tom Zunder, long time RQ/BRP fan. “OpenQuest is not a pale imitation, it carves a distinctly simple and cinematic path between the complicated route that Mongoose takes and the encyclopaedic vagueness of the current BRP from Chaosium. However it still shares such a core with both that any previously published product from any other d100 game is easily utilised with OpenQuest and vice-versa if you wish. I shall port some of my favourite rules from RQ3 and Stormbringer back into OQ, and I could easily see a ref porting a lot of the rules from OQ into BRP or a Mongoose based game.” review ” OpenQuest is quick to learn, and it would be quick to play and to prepare for. It favours a more cinematic style of play then older BRP games I’ve seen.”

Akrasia’s OQ vs MRQ 2 comparision

Mick Red’s UKRoleplayer’s review “I actually really dig Openquest, its fast simple gaming. I could hand this book to a grizzled veteran or teenage newbie and we could be up and running in minutes.”

Scullkrusher’s review  “OpenQuest is a simple and robust game out-of-the-box but easy enough to customize and add in your own stuff. It’s very easy to add RuneQuest and BRP rules if something from them fits your campaign better. This goes along great in the family of D100 games because of it’s different twists on the system.”

Grognardia review “All and all, Newt Newport and his compatriots have done a fine job of presenting a clean, complete, and easy to use ruleset that I’d seriously consider using for fantasy roleplaying in the future. That’s about as high praise as I can give any game.”

Chris Helton’s review at Dorkland.  “All in all, OpenQuest is a very solid fantasy gaming system that deserves a lot more attention than it receives. In 183 pages it manages to cover the basics of what any group would need out of a game system, and do it in a way that is simple and yet still manages to remain robust. If you are a fan of fantasy games, and do not yet have OpenQuest on your bookshelf (virtual or otherwise) then you need to fix this as soon as you can.”