OpenQuest Developers Kit

What’s in this kit?

This zip file contains all the text from OpenQuest, excluding the following

  • Credits page
  • Introductory chapter
  • Character creation example from Characters
  • Sections on how to set up adventures and campaigns from Chapter 7 The Quest and Afterwards
  • Gatan Setting chapter, Adventure and and the two maps (Gatan and Goblin Caves) that appears in the book.


What you can do with this kit

The following are just examples. The Open Gaming License allows you to do what ever you want, with out having to ask permission as long as you include the attached OGL licence with anything you publish,

  • Create your own layout of OpenQuest. Say you want a small pocket sized version of the game, open the desk top publisher of your  choice , drop in the text and off you go.
  • Create your own OpenQuest supplements/adventures. Cut and paste the monster stats, location descriptions into your own creations.
  • Base your own games off it. Include any or all of the text of the game in your own game, which may be a slightly tweaked version all the way to a radically altered game which only has a small amount of OpenQuest in it.

What you must do if you publish

If you publish anything using the content included in this zip file you must.


This gives me credit and the good people at Mongoose Publishing who wrote the Mongoose RuneQuest System Resource Document. This is a legal requirement of using the text provided and one you must obey.

For example OpenQuest itself has the OGL as a page in the back of the book.

Publishing covers

  • Printed copies of your content, either distributed freely or commercially
  • Electronic copies of your content, for example pdfs, web pages, downloadable word documents.

In short if you make your content which uses OpenQuest derived content available to other people for purposes other than personal use you must include the OGL License.

More about the use of the OGL


If you want to make your book copyright to you simply add your own copyright in Section 15 of the licence. For example you produce a supplement called ‘Raiders of Borderlands’  you cover your copyright of the new material by adding

‘Raiders of the Borderlands’ Copyright Bob Roocroft, Great Games Inc 2009.

See Section 6 of the licence.

Closed vs OpenContent

OpenQuest is completely Open Content, which you are free to use and modify in what ever way you want as long as you include the OGL in your publication.

Suppose you don’t want to make your OpenQuest derived work available for others to use and modify and copy? The easiest way to do this is to simply put at the front in your credits section

‘None of this Book is open gaming content’

You still have to include the OGL at the back, but no one is allowed to copy your work.

Suppose you want to make some of the content open gaming content, say some new spells in adventure? You simply mark them clearly as being such.

Use of other people’s Intellectual Property (IP)

Please not that the OGL does not give you the right to publish games, even non-profit fan efforts, that use IP that you do not have a separate agreement with the owners of that IP.  In fact you null and void your OGL the moment you include unauthorised IP.

Let us know what you are doing with it

While you are free to use the contents of this kit without giving me any further credit, except that given in the OGL license which you must include, it would be nice to know what people are doing with it.  I am also happy to let people know what you are doing via the site. I hope in the future to have a page which lists publications that use OpenQuest in some way or another.  Feel free to come and discuss what you are doing on our forums.

Any questions?

Please contact me at