Character Generation

  • Points buy by default, both for skills and characteristics (although there are optional rules for Random Characteristic generation)
  • Players come up with a concept for their character and build it the way they want.
  • Default rules produce jack of all trades characters, which are capable in combat, magic and practical skills.
  • Optional specialist character rules to produce characters who are more warrior or magician in concept.

Character improvement

  • Characters gain improvement points for completing goals and entertaining play.
  • Players may then spend as they see fit on automatic skills and magic advancement.


  • Many skills are more groups of broad skills. For example Sleight, Hide and Stealth are all grouped together as Deception. This results in a streamlined and much shortened skill list.
  • Gone is the ‘golf bag’ of weapons skills, replaced by Close Combat, Ranged Combat and Unarmed.
  • Modifiers only added when they bring a big impact into play. Either plus or minus 25% or 50%. No more fiddly adding or subtracting of a +5% or -10% here and there.
  • Clear guidelines of when to call for a skill test and when not to.


  • Combat rounds are 5 sections of time, were combatants act in DEX order (INT if casting spells)
  • New combat manoeuvres available for all to speed up combat and make it more exciting
  • Characters with combat skills over 100% may split their attacks and defences to take on mulitple opponents.
  • No Hit Locations (although easy enough to add back in).
  • Damage taken directly off a Hit Points total, based on SIZ + CON divided by two.
  • Major Wounds (as seen in Stormbringer) an optional system.


  • Three approaches to magic: Battle, Divine and Magic.
  • All characters have some Battle Magic as default.
  • Summoning and Enchantment built into each approaches.
  • Specialists : Shamans, Priests, Holy Warriors , Adepts and Magus.
  • Sorcery now completely based upon one ‘Sorcery Casting’ Skill. This is the chance to cast a spell and limits the amount that the spell’s range, magnitude and duration can be manipulated.


  • Twenty five monsters detailed
  • Along with common domestic and giant animals.

The Empire of Gatan

  • A straightforward fantasy setting, with enough detail to pick up and play but enough room for Games masters to make it their own.

The Road Less Travelled

  • This is an introductory scenario suitable for beginning players and Games Masters
  • It is designed to give a general introduction to most of the rules systems