Monkey the Role-Playing Game now on Pre-Order

Monkey the Roleplaying game is now available to pre-order, in both hardcover and softcover format from the D101 Games Store. Get access to the pdf straight away and the printed version will be sent to you 2-4 weeks when I get copies from the printer. 

Hearts in Glorantha issue 6 now available

The long-awaited return of this Glorathan Fanzine, featuring 48 pages of Myths, Interviews, Articles, and Scenarios (systemless, HeroQuest and for RuneQuest 2). Available from me at the d101 Games web store (note physical copies of Hearts in Glorantha 1-6 Collected,...

D101 Games Winter Sale

50% off all printed stocked titles at the D101 Games Web Store ( until Jan 31st.

OpenQuest Refreshed is here!

The new updated version of OpenQuest is now available. Its a slight tidy of up and revision of the OpenQuest 2 Deluxe version that I released over five years ago, with a new cover by Jon Hodgson and all new full colour art by Jeshields inside. Its now available via...