Lost Fools of Atlantis cover by Jon Hodgson

Ten thousand years ago the golden civilization of Atlantis sunk beneath the waves.  Its splendour, sophistication and intelligence lost to the world.

 Survivors were scattered round the globe and once they dried themselves down and acclimatised to their surroundings, they started the serious business of getting back on top of the pile and taking over the primitive civilization they found themselves in. Hideously outnumbered by the ‘apes’ they sought to dominate they melted into the background, and made their plots in secret manipulating human kind from the shadows. Hence they brought mankind the gift of CONSPIRACY.

 Now in the modern age these Conspiracies make one final desperate attempt to rule the world, before the end times arrive.

The fact that the End Times may be as a result of their age old plots, completely escapes them.

 The fact that although they share a common heritage each conspiracy believes that only they are the true inheritors of the Atlantlean legacy, also escapes them.

 The fact that other powers alien to this world also have designs on total domination, also escapes them.

You see it’s been 10,000 years. Time can dull a race’s genius like that.

Lost Fools of Atlantis (LFoA for short) is a roleplaying game, where players and the narrator take on the roles of people in crisis who live out their lives in an imaginary game world which similarly is in a state of exciting crisis. It is a world very like our modern world, with the exception that Atlantis was definitely real and the survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed their civilisation walk amongst us and are the root cause of numerous conspiracies. LFoA is intentionally a Black Comedy. It’s a comment on both those people who believe in Conspiracies and let it cloud their lives with fear and dilute their purpose and a send up of the some of the so called real world ‘conspiracies’. On a less lofty level it’s a dark look at what happens when a group of familiar strangers, each with a less than stable state of mind and differing agendas, get together and work towards a common goal. But above all it’s a game setting, designed to create as many fun opportunities for play.  Its inspirations are the works of Robert Anton Wilson, the early versions of Paranoia RPG, The Man from Uncle, and the films of Stanley Kubrick.

It uses a streamlined and concise version of FATE called Fortune, pulled together by long time D101 collaborator and ally Dr Mitch. If you want a sneak peak at Fortune go back his Patreon Campaign.

If you want to help playtest please contact newt@d101games.com (no time wasters please).

ETA: May 23rd 2016 for religious reasons.