OpenQuest Adventures revealed!

This is a collection of five adventures for OpenQuest that show its versitility as a fantasy system. Coming in early 2015. More infomation about OpenQuest Adventures

Off to Furnace!

Last con of 2014 for D101 and its going to be a good one. Jon Ossoway is running River of Heaven on Saturday night, and I’m running Project Darklight and an OpenQuest derivied game. If you are coming well see you there.

The Savage North Director’s Cut now available

I’m feeling pretty Victorious this morning. Why? Well after a month of too and fro with the printers over the print proof, The Savage North: The Director’s Cut is back in print. This means that one of OpenQuest’s best loved supplements is available...

OpenQuest 2 released!

OpenQuest 2 is now on general release via, in Hardcover, Softcover, Pdf and Print + free PDF bundles OpenQuest2 on sale via More information about the game: OpenQuest 2 homepage at

OpenQuest 2 is nearly here!

Latest progress report is that the pdf has been sent to the backers (if you’ve not received yours email me at  Soon off to printers with the expectation it will out to backers end of this month with it going on general release in early...