A Message from Furthermost

A Message from Furthermost - cover by Peter Frain

A Message from Furthermost – cover by Peter Frain

Praise Kane the First of Us, Praise the Guilds.

Sunrise on Triton. Matins.

Your team has been assembled by Father Francisco of Special Circumstances.
The Guild Council has ordered a live team to investigate the loss of contact with the Guildship Tannhäuser. No one has dared attack a Guild Stepship in centuries. Special Circumstances are taking no chances.
You go in, you establish what has happened, you recover the crew and as much data as possible. You’ll be operating on your own and there will be no reinforcements.

Business as usual.

A Message from Furthermost is an adventure for the River of Heaven Sci-fi Roleplaying Game by John Ossoway. It is a standalone adventure which can be easily dropped into an existing campaign or linked to the previously released scenarios  Reunion and The Last Witness.