Monkey cover by Jon Hodgeson

Monkey cover by Jon Hodgeson



Come with us on a Journey to the West.

Based on the Chinese classic “The Journey to the West” or “Monkey” as it is commonly known, this is a storytelling game set in a mythical China where out of grace Immortals seek Virtue on Earth in an attempt to re-enter Heaven.

It’s simple rules allow for any sort of action that you can imagine, from fast-paced kung-fu to heated debates.

This book contains all that you need to play, except a pack of standard playing cards per player and your imagination.

Here is a preview of the current out of print version, using the introductory chapter.

Please note the game is currently undergoing redevelopment into a 2nd Incarnation (which is what I’m calling the 2nd edition 🙂 ) which is due out June 2016. Read the announcement of it on the Monkey Magic blog for more details.

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