Gloranthan Adventures 1 New Beginings

A Sartarite mini-campaign for HeroQuest set in the Fantasy world of Glorantha. Adventure in the clan lands of the Silverwind Clan in this four adventure story arc. Designed to ideal for beginning Narrators and players and as a lead into the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes book by Moon Designs.

  • Silverwind Clan – an example Clan for use with the adventures
  • The Fortress of Doors
  • The Black Ziggurat
  • Fixing the Wrong
  • The Hurt of the Land
  • Pre-generated Characters: Six heroes of the Silverwind clan
  • Writing Gloranthan Adventures

Available from in both print and pdf.

Author: Newt Newport
Map: Xavier Llobet
Cover: Jon Hodgson
Internal art: Xavier Llobet/Simon Bray

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