Each issue of Gloranthan Adventures  is a  collection of HeroQuest adventures. Each book is designed for people new to Glorantha, has complete setting info and pre-generated characters so you can pick up and play.


Cover by Jon Hodgson

Gloranthan Adventures 1. New Beginnings

A Sartarite mini-campaign. Adventure in the clan lands of the Silverwind Clan in this four adventure story arc. Designed to ideal for beginning Narrators and players and as a lead into the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes book by Moon Designs.

  • Silverwind Clan – an example Clan for use with the adventures
  • The Fortress of Doors
  • The Black Ziggurat
  • Fixing the Wrong
  • The Hurt of the Land
  • Pre-generated Characters: Six heroes of the Silverwind clan




Red Sun Rising Cover by Jon Hodgson

Red Sun Rising Cover by Jon Hodgson

Gloranthan Adventures 2: Red Sun Rising

A complete Lunar mini-campaign set in the Dara Happan city of Serris, a tough independent city which lies in the shadow of the Red Moon.

  • Players Guide to the city of Serris
  • Narrators guide(Secrets & Reoccurring NPCs)
  • Background Generation: Your Family
  • Adventure 1: Escorting the Goddess
  • Adventure 2: Sandcastles and Gladiators
  • Adventure 3: Archec’s tomb
  • Adventure 4: Last Seen in Vastar