Be a wild Barbarian, a deadly Fighter, a soul-torn Magician or a sword sharp canny Thief, fighting evil Tyrants, foul Sorcerers and demons in a world rapidly dying and heading towards its final Nemesis.

Using a modified version of Swords and Wizardry, which in itself is a tribute to the earlier versions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, as well as its Swords and Sorcery flavour it also draws from the darkly heroic British games and game books of the 70s/80s.

Now in its Remastered version, it is available from:


Fighter & Barbarian by David M. Wright

Fighter & Barbarian by David M. Wright

Chapter list (*new to Remastered version)

Scrolls of Wonderous Revelation (The Players’ Handbook)

  • Creating a character
  • How to play
  • Spell lists
  • The Continent of Terror  – Gazetteer of the setting.

The Book of Doom (A Crypt Keeper’s Guide)

  • Fragments of Fear* – Setting chapter for the referee.
  • The Great Others and their Cultists*
  • Ill Gotten gains of Dark Desire – Treasure and magic items.
  • A  Compendium of Fiends – Monsters
  • The Hall of Nizun Thun – A mini-crypt (adventure)
  • The Haunted Lands* – an example Weirdlands adventure.
  • Port Blackmire* – a city adventure setting.
  • Scourges of a Dying World* – Full write up of twenty Nemeses to oppose the player characters at every opportunity.
  • Secrets of the Serpent People* – The machinations and magic of the insidious Serpent Folk revealed.
  • Appendices A to M: Notes from the Abyss


UK M1 Tomb of the Necromancers. Taking place in the frozen north of the Continent of Terror, the characters (of level 6 to 8) are pitted against ravaging barbarians, who seek an ancient weapon for their mistress.

UK-SL01 Life and Death: Zarth Edition.  A conversion of the epic OpenQuest adventure.

From the Shroud. An irregular zine.

Currently in production

UK-T01 The Tournaments of Madness and Death

UK-01 Under Dark Spires


Downloadable files.

Crypts and Things Remastered Character Sheet – Pdf

Crypts and Things Remastered Character Sheet – Form Fillable- Pdf

Crypts and Things Compatibility Logo  – for 3rd party publishers to use to indicate compatibility with C&T.

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