Just a quick one from me. I’m proud to say that I’ve just released not one but two new Roleplaying Games. Both are available in pdf and print/pdf bundles.

Reboot the Future

Cyberpunk roleplaying in the 23rd Century. It uses the same rules-light system as Paul Mitchener’s Liminal, so if you are looking for a straightforward cyberpunk game where everyone can be a cyberhacker, this is your game. It also contains a full setting, for example, non-player characters, factions, vehicles and even an introductory adventure.


A concise and shorter version of OpenQuest my D100 system. Designed in a handle 6 x 9 inch travel size, with complete rules for fantasy adventuring. Hardcover with colour illustrations throughout and a lovely wraparound cover by Jon Hodgson. 


;O) Newt