My web store has been a bit quiet recently, with great gaping holes in the catalogue. I’ve now had a restock of all the titles I currently publish, so this means once again you can purchase the everything I currently have in print directly from me.

To get 10% off all titles, enter the code summerfun10 at check out.

Here’s the full list of everything I stock.

Catching the Wyrm
OpenQuest Companion
The Duck Crusade

Grogzilla 2 – a fanzine of all things D101.

Crypts and Things, British Oldschool RPG.
Crypts and Things – both Hardcover and a limited number of Softcovers.
Tomb of the Necromancers
Tournaments of Madness and Death
Swords Against the Shroud – a conversion using the popular Black Hack system.

British Oldschool RPGs (BOSR)
Tales of the Sorcerer Under Mountain – Early D&D in a single small A5 book, complete with adventure.
The Road to Hell

5th Edition
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain A dungeon inspired by classic 80s British Roleplaying adventures.

Monkey the Roleplaying Game
Monkey the RPG
The Mandate of Heaven
The Ministry of Thunder

River of Heaven, OpenQuest Powered Sci-fi
River of Heaven
To the Stars

FATE games
Hunters of Alexandria
The Hollow West