D101 Games is 10 Years old this weekend!

To celebrate we are having a 10% off all our titles from Friday 20th to Monday 23rd July.4

Also during this celebration, three of our out of print titles are available once again.

  • OpenQuest 2 Deluxe – the previous version with Empire of Gatan setting and two adventures and that awesome wrap around red dragon cover (which Is why it’s available again since someone asked if they could get it).
  • Book of Glorious Joy – Jamie Revell’s take on the Gloranthan West.
  • Worlds of Wordplay – A straightforward narrative system, with four example settings.

Be sure to grab them during the 10th Birthday weekend, since the sale is over they are gone again.


;O) Newt

[in fact, the three out of print titles are live now,]