The updated version of Tombs of the Necromancers by Paul Mitchener is now available.

A remastered version of the module, with new maps, new layout, revised content and another full proof, was paid for by the Crypts & Things Remastered Kickstarter.

If you where a backer of the Kickstarter and the module was part of your pledge or you bought it as an add-on, a free copy has been sent to you via Please contact me at if you’ve not received it.

The module is available to pre-order from the D101 Web Store, pdf available for download as soon as payment clears and print version being sent out as soon as its in stock later this month.

The pdf version is available via now.

Here’s one of the maps done by Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood Design.

Village of Tetronis by Glynn Seal