Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the response to this. All my Gloranthan backstock has gone, so its if you want to get hold of it, along with OpenQuest Crucible of Dragons and the main OQ rulebook.

I’m down to my last River of Heaven Hardback, and the stock of River of Heaven in Softcover is going down steadily as are the adventures Last Witness and Reunion.

The remaining stock is down to single figures, so if you want a copy of OpenQuest Adventures, The Savage North, Last Witness or Renunion at 50% off you are going to have to move fast.

If you bought something in the sale and are wondering were it is, I’ve had such a deluge of orders that I’ve had to order extra packing material and set aside some dedicated time, rather than send them out individually. I’m going to start going though the orders to day , from earliest to most recent, and hope to get them all in the post today.

Maximum thanks to anyone who has bought something in the sale.

UPDATE 27/02/2017 Please note the Stock Clearance Sale is now over. Maximum thanks to eveyone who bought books from the sale 🙂