This is a message from the Great Ascended Masters……

On May 23rd 2015 2016, D101 Games will publish a new Roleplaying game called “Lost Fools of Atlantis”.

It is a darkly satirical game about ancient occult Conspiracies vying for control of modern day reality. Using a lightweight and easy to understand version of Fate, codenamed Fortune authored by the esteemed Imaginatician Dr Mitch, who is known for his fine work on Age of Arthur (via Wordplay Games) and Cruicible of the Dragons for OpenQuest.  The rest of the game has been channeled from the higher frequencies via our vessel Newt Newport.  If you are interested in playtesting this game within tight deadlines please contact

More information can be found on the game can be found on its webpage.

Updates will follow in the fifth month of your solar year prior to the game’s release.

Message ends.

PS This is not an April Fools Joke 😉