Production of the game still continues. Me and John are checking the draft layout while Peter is steadily churning out the art.

In the meantime … here’s something slightly different (but still River of Heaven related)

The big news this month is my mate Keef Baker in has just released the “River of Heaven OST” in his  Slipdrive guise on Hymen Records. Its a delightful piece of electronic music that’s been uplifting me  since I got the unmastered version just after Christmas. If you like the music in the KS video its track one “stepping out into the bright age” on the album.

If you backed as a Guildmaster you’ll be getting a free copy of it as an extra thank you. I’m currently waiting for codes from the record label, so don’t rush out and buy it in the mean time 😉

The album can be bought as an electronic download from Bandcamp, where you can also listen to it for free.

Its also available from e-music or itunes if you prefer them as vendors.

Here’s the blurb from the liner notes…

“it is the dawn of the 28th century. the third renaissance, or bright age as future historians will call it, is at its zenith. after the catastrophic first contact with extra-terrestrial life that led to the horrific solar system war, humanity clawed its way back from the brink and finally reached the stars…” (from the introduction of ‘river of heaven’ the roleplaying game by john ossoway)

some time ago newt newport, director of the uk based role playing games company d101 games asked keith “keef” baker if he would be interested in doing a soundtrack for a science fiction roleplaying game he was going to release. he agreed, and spent about a year of preparation absorbing and analysing sci-fi based soundtracks passively before he started to compose the score for ‘river of heaven’. trying to capture the heart of those soundtracks while creating a feel that reaches forward towards the future, this digital release by keith’s newly established moniker slipdrive includes a combination of kraftwerk, tangerine dream, john carpenter, and music for games and movies like ‘mass effect’ and ‘tron legacy’, charged with prog rock and melodic idm elements. a mix of bright powerful analogue sounds, springy reverbs, throbbing basses, hypnotic sequences and contrarhythms will all guide your way following the feel and storyline of the very own ‘river of heaven’ cosmos. space may be the final frontier…but it is not empty. and with this album it need not be silent either.

“the river of heaven is the name given to the milky way by the chinese. it is an ideaspace formed by generations of humans gazing up into the night sky and thinking “what if?”. both keef baker and john ossoway have entered the river of heaven from different directions, using different means and have brought back into this world a little bit of its boundless wonder to lighten our days. despite never meeting and they have both created works from a shared idea-space that exists in the human imagination. john a breathtaking role-playing game of humans in space in the 28th century and keef this stunning uplifting piece of music. both have drawn from science fiction traditions of the 70s and 80s and given it a bit of modern pizzaz. a rich palette of literature and sounds that talks intelligently through our emotions to our higher selves in tones of optimism and joy of discovery. so psychonaut get ready to lift off and through keef’s music explore to the bright age of our future.” (newt newport, may 2014)