D101 Convention attendance for the rest of 2014.

  • Eternal Con (June 06 – 09, 2014 Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany http://eternal-con.de/ ) – Simon Bray will be at Castle Bacharch runing a Cruicible of the Dragons free form as well as tabletop. Usually some games of Monkey and Crypts and Things.
  • Continuum (July 25-28, 2014, Leicester University John Foster Hall of Residence http://www.continuumconvention.co.uk/) – John Ossoway will be there running games of River of Heaven. Game should be out by then, so a high probability that there will be copies for sale.
  • Furnace (Sheffield, 18-19 October http://furnace.org.uk/ ) Described as D101’s local con. Myself, John Ossoway, Dr Mitch and possibly Simon Bray will all be in attendance running D101 stuff.

Note if you are thinking about going to Furnace get in quick because it looks very close to selling out.