Apologies if I’ve been quiet since the pre-order campaign ended. Its been a question of drawing up mundane To-do lists and knuckling under and getting the work done.  I’m planning to do at least monthly updates from now on.

The big big huge news is that OpenQuest 2 is going to be in colour :)

Just before the pre-order campaign ended, literally in the last couple of days, I received an email from OneBookShelf who run Drivethrurpg.com/RPGNow.com saying that their POD printers now support what they call ‘standard color’. This new printing option works out a couple of pounds/dollars more expensive than black and white. Pending a successful print proof, this means that we can do OQ2 in colour. Certainly the PDF. So I spent an exciting couple of days emailing artist Simon Bray and discussing the practicalities with him. Turns out he had the time to colour in all his existing work and the new pieces he’s done for OQ2 and due to your generosity during the pre-order the cash was there to pay him. He has now completed for 60 or so pieces of art in OpenQuest 2, see the example below :)

I’m now working out if the money is available to colour Savage North, Life and Death and Here Be Dragons, within the deadlines that I’ve set for getting the books out to you. A bit of a rethink on my part, so bear with me while I sort it out.

Progress in other areas
New introduction has been written, Character generation has been tweaked and clarified and Battle magic now has 40+ new spells. Next up is new spells for Sorcery and Divine, as well as more example magic items. My overall plan is to get the updated core rules done by the end of this month, get the new material proofed and then update the adventure books. Layout should commence for OQ 2 in early Dec.

OpenQuest 2 art preview