Just under two weeks of the preorder left.

Pick up has been outstanding and we’ve reached four out of five stretch goals.

This means

A new version of OpenQuest 2 expanded to be the IMPERIAL EDITION.

Highlights of this….

  •     US Letter Size
  •     Available in hardcover
  •     Tidied up and reorganised rules, to remove any remaining ambiguities.
  •     All internal Clip art replaced, existing art improved and new art added by artist Simon Bray.
  •     Purely random character generation.
  •     New Spells, (at least 50 Battle Magic )
  •     Sorcery Enhanced.
  •     Generic Deities + spells.
  •     Blood Magic for evil magicians.
  •     Straight forward rules for Relationships by Simon Bray.
  •     At least ten New Monsters.
  •     Genre Guides. How to use OpenQuest for specific Genres such as Swords and Sorcery, Low Magic settings, High Fantasy etc
  •     Plus other small highlight boxes, containing explanation of current rules for the first time D100 player or Games Master.
  •     New wrap round cover by Jon Hodgeson
  •     Mass combat + Domain rules
  •     Otherworlds of magic explained.
  •     More setting info for the Empire of Gatan.
  •     More plunder items.

Because we’ve reached the stretch goals for them all preorderers will get.

  • OpenQuest Basics – a quick start lo art version of the game, in 6in x 9in format. If you order a printed version of OQ2 you automatically get a printed version of OQBasics 🙂
  • – a hub for all OpenQuest activity, including the extended family of OpenQuest games (currently The Company and the upcoming River of Heaven), with forum, online SRD for reference, as well as a members only area with exclusive preview material and playtest material.  All pre-orders no mater the level get members access for a year.

The final stretch goal , a book of OpenQuest Adventures, is in sight, and all preorders will get a pdf copy (with the option of a printed version) way in advance of general release.

Remember its the final two weeks. If you  don’t preorder now you are going to have to wait until the game goes on general release in Feb to grab a copy and will miss out on the free shipping and extras (so no free printed version of Basics if you don’t preorder the printed version, and no free year subscription to ).

Thank you for your time.


;O) Newt