“Under a land shrouded in volcanic ash punctuated by rocky spires that tear at the sky they say the Dragons sleep.  Tyanos the Black, Trickster god of the long dead Hu-pi people stole their blood and  bottled it for his insane delight. As drink of the gods it confers immortanlity to mortal man, but at what terrible price?

In fact the very quest for this elixir is insane. A trip into a harsh and unforgiving land of the Spires, a poor and bandit ridden weirdland, inhabited by the likes of Black Joop, Nigus the Headless and the Mother of Hydra. Names that should send a shiver down your spine. So pick up your sword, down the last of your ale to steady any nerves and stride off towards a great adventure into the Ash Plains.”

Blood of the Dragon is the first C&T module for low levels (1st-3rd).  It was originally intended to be a one page dungeon, inspired by some inane Twitter banter between myself, Sacha Ratcliffe and John Ossoway. Then it grew like a small shoggoth and was next slated to be the introductory adventure included with C&T. Then it out grew that spec and mutated into its current form of a standalone adventure module.

I’m still pulling it together but my plan is to have a couple of adventure locations detailed , so you can get stuck in and play straight out of the box,  a guide to the land and encounter tables which facilities sand box play, and some colourful npcs that the pcs can meet and inevitably rub up the wrong way. There’s also already one new monster group, a tribute to a certain 70s Sci-fi movie series that stared Roddy McDowell in a mask ;).

This should come out shortly after C&T is released, if everything goes to plan it will be about a month later.

And the best bit is if you jump on the C&T pre-order now since we are 85% towards the goal with just under a month to go, its highly likely everyone on the pre-order will get it  for free 🙂

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